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Gruyere Cauliflower Cheese

An absolute classic side dish that I just couldn’t resist sharing with you,  a great pairing with spring lamb. This recipe uses Swiss Gruyere cheese instead of the well known Cheddar, adding  an inimitable flavor and character to the Bechamel sauce base.

Health: Cauliflower is a great source of vitamin C,  needed for healing wounds, and for repairing and maintaining bones and teeth.

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Caramelised Onion and Goats Cheese Pasty

Sweet caramelised onions married sublimely with the sharp creamy tones of the infamous raven oak goats cheese. Guiding you through how to make the rough puff  completely from scratch  really does give you an appreciation for the work involved in something that nowadays, we just take for granted.  Best made for those crisp winter evenings.

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Traditional Apple Crumble

An absolute classic recipe  that has had a place in the British people’s hearts for centuries,  being quite possibly one of the easiest desserts that you could make. Baking the apples slowly gives them a wonderfully rich texture with just enough bite to accompany the crisp crumb topping, perfect with Cornish vanilla ice-cream.

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Mince Pies From Scratch

Luxurious mincemeat held inside a melt in your mouth shortcrust pastry, a much loved Christmas treat that goes perfectly with vanilla ice cream or custard. Making your own mincemeat from scratch really does bring home that Christmas spirit as well as allowing you to create a filling that I promise is 10 times better than any store bought version.

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Walnut Fudge Cake

Yet another classic cake recipe that  finds the perfect balance between sweet  fudge, and a fresh nut tone.  The  super light moist sponge binds these flavors together perfectly, making a cake that  just sits perfectly with a cup of tea. Incorporating the walnuts within the sponge gives it a delightful texture and flavour, along with a comforting uniqueness that is incomparable .  All the ingredients used are super simple and pretty cheap too :), a definite treat to knock up after a hard days work

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Victoria Sponge cake

A beautifully soft and fruity traditional cake that really strikes the taste of Britain into your sweet tooth. Only needing few ingredients and basic techniques makes it a dessert that you can,t really get wrong, perfect for a budding baker.

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Slow Roasted Pulled Shepard’s Pie

My first English post also has to be one of my favorites. Late spring being the start of the lambing season brings the traditional English pie to a whole other level with the addition of using slow roasted lamb shoulder instead of mince just makes it irresistible.

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