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Mushroom Ragu

A vegetarian take on a much loved Italian classic, Ragu. Letting the  pasta marry with the mushroom sauce for the final few minutes of cooking time really does bring this dish to life, finishing with creamy Crème fraîche and 24 month aged parmesan cheese gives it that Moorish quality. Only using the best quality ingredients available, as is the case with all great Italian cooking.

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Rainbow Cauliflower Pasta With a Dill Ricotta Sauce

Beautifully tender seasonal rainbow cauliflower accompanied by a delightful ricotta dill sauce with a dash of Lemon. All incorporated within Al dented shell pasta. A definite seasonal treat that brings the sun back into the autumn months and a new appreciation for the freshest of ingredients.

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Fresh Stewed Lentils with Courgette Spaghetti and Crispy Garlic

A very healthy and tasty vegan pasta recipe that holds all the nutrients you need to get you through your day. Introducing new techniques into your culinary skill book makes this a true excitement to prepare, giving you the flexibility to make this dish your own. As the famous Marco Pierre White said “Cooking is a philosophy, a recipe is just a guide”.

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Aubergine and Tomato Pasta with Feta

Summer is here and so are its veggies, the sweet taste of the cherry tomato sauce with chunks of aubergine goes perfectly with the soft sharp taste that feta brings. Really putting you in the summer feel with every bite, tasting even better outside with the cool summer breeze.

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Parsley and Sea-bass Pasta Coated in a Warm Broccoli Parmesan Pesto and Toasted Crumbs

Sea bass being in season this time of year makes a divine fish turn heavenly, accompanied with a fresh and crunchy pesto transforms it into a perfect spring meal for 3 (or a very hungry 2). Recipe uses twice as much fish as shown in the picture, apologies as I fooled myself into thinking I had more at the time of making it :).

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Creamed Chorizo and Mushroom Spaghetti

This dish is packed full of flavor with the added bonus of being easy and quick to prepare. A perfect meal for two accompanied by your favorite red wine if you fancy.

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