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Crème Caramel with Khalua Cherries

Another refined classic recipe from one of my most highly respected recipe books, Larousse Gastronomique . Velvety smooth milk custard topped with soft caramel and kahlua soaked cherries.

Health: Cherries contain powerful antioxidants like anthocyanins and cyanidin

Per Serving this dish contains

Calories:  300 Carbs: N/A Fat: 5g  Protein: 5g

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Praline Tart Tatin

Inspired from a recent trip to Lyon I created what is now my favourite dessert of all time :). The addition of praline contrasts the sweetness of the apples poached in caramel while creating an almost baklava taste with the puff pastry base, a real crowd pleasing dessert.

Health: The main ingredient of praline is almonds; The health benefits of almonds include lowering blood sugar levels, reducing blood pressure and lowering cholesterol levels

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Peach Melba

My take on a classic, peach Melba. Uplifting the original recipe with the addition of a vanilla cream filled poached peach.

Health: Peaches are high in manganese, helping to repair and form blood tissue and bones.

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Royal Potato and Apple Salad

A very special time of the year indeed with the famed jersey royal potato rolling into our pantry. The combination may seem at first out of the ordinary, but enveloped  in a rich saffron sauce marries the pair of quality ingredients like nothing you’ve tasted before. It is a great dish for dinner parties as the majority of the elements can be created in advance.

Health: The humble jersey potato is high in Vitamin B, helping maintain a healthy skin and nervous system.

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Rice à l’impératrice (Gourmet Rice Pudding)

Milky glace cherry rice pudding uplifted with freshly whipped sweetened cream and set with  a rum and lemon infused Crème bavaroise . Topping the set pudding with peaches in syrup and a raspberry glaze creates a dessert that finds a perfect balance between the rich and the fresh.

Health: Rice is known to be great for your skin as well as your nervous system.

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Mushrooms on Toast with a Cream Sauce

My version of a culinary classic, mushrooms on toast. Pave bread toasted with Maitre d’hotel butter makes a heavenly base for meaty and delicate chestnut mushrooms. All surrounded with a mushroom and sherry infused sauce that brings out those nutty tones and enhances that rich flavour.

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Scrambled eggs à l’ancienne

Wild mushroom scrambled eggs made extravagant by a pâte à foncer encasing and a side of consommé enriched suprême sauce. A brief look into the world of french gourmet cuisine, a great recipe to test any amateur cooks skills  as well as amazing your guests with the rich flavours of this dish.

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Apple and Fresh Walnut Moelleux

A caramelised baked rum and vanilla pancake garnished with caramel coated fresh walnuts and apples, a real winter winner at any dinner party or dinner date. Using intriguing methods and techniques that I can almost guarantee will teach you something new, a great recipe for any serious cook.  This dessert is best made during the apple season, which in the UK begins in August and end in February.

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Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Roasted Chestnuts and Crème fraîche

The  leaves are falling while the nights are getting cozy as the seasonal soups role in. A technical repost of my pilot recipe for Planetcookery still holds the magic that it did all those months ago. This recipe involves making your own vegetable stock, something that I feel is an absolute necessity for a beautiful soup.  The addition of  tangy Crème fraîche to contrast the sweet squash just gives it that satisfying nature. This is a great one for dinner parties as the prepared plates can be sent out and the soup poured at the dinner table for the added touch of performance.

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Caesar Salad

A French twist on a traditional salad recipe that I promise will make you re think how a salad should taste. Being jammed packed with  contrasting textures, flavours and temperatures makes this one of my all time favourites, while still being super easy to put together. A clear-cut recipe that really highlights quality ingredients, let’s see how far you can push the flavour of this dish :).

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