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Royal Potato and Apple Salad

A very special time of the year indeed with the famed jersey royal potato rolling into our pantry. The combination may seem at first out of the ordinary, but enveloped  in a rich saffron sauce marries the pair of quality ingredients like nothing you’ve tasted before. It is a great dish for dinner parties as the majority of the elements can be created in advance.

Health: The humble jersey potato is high in Vitamin B, helping maintain a healthy skin and nervous system.

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Caesar Salad

A French twist on a traditional salad recipe that I promise will make you re think how a salad should taste. Being jammed packed with  contrasting textures, flavours and temperatures makes this one of my all time favourites, while still being super easy to put together. A clear-cut recipe that really highlights quality ingredients, let’s see how far you can push the flavour of this dish :).

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Fresh Stewed Lentils with Courgette Spaghetti and Crispy Garlic

A very healthy and tasty vegan pasta recipe that holds all the nutrients you need to get you through your day. Introducing new techniques into your culinary skill book makes this a true excitement to prepare, giving you the flexibility to make this dish your own. As the famous Marco Pierre White said “Cooking is a philosophy, a recipe is just a guide”.

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Parsley and Sea-bass Pasta Coated in a Warm Broccoli Parmesan Pesto and Toasted Crumbs

Sea bass being in season this time of year makes a divine fish turn heavenly, accompanied with a fresh and crunchy pesto transforms it into a perfect spring meal for 3 (or a very hungry 2). Recipe uses twice as much fish as shown in the picture, apologies as I fooled myself into thinking I had more at the time of making it :).

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