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Mushroom Ragu

A vegetarian take on a much loved Italian classic, Ragu. Letting the  pasta marry with the mushroom sauce for the final few minutes of cooking time really does bring this dish to life, finishing with creamy Crème fraîche and 24 month aged parmesan cheese gives it that Moorish quality. Only using the best quality ingredients available, as is the case with all great Italian cooking.

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Scrambled eggs à l’ancienne

Wild mushroom scrambled eggs made extravagant by a pâte à foncer encasing and a side of consommé enriched suprême sauce. A brief look into the world of french gourmet cuisine, a great recipe to test any amateur cooks skills  as well as amazing your guests with the rich flavours of this dish.

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Apple and Fresh Walnut Moelleux

A caramelised baked rum and vanilla pancake garnished with caramel coated fresh walnuts and apples, a real winter winner at any dinner party or dinner date. Using intriguing methods and techniques that I can almost guarantee will teach you something new, a great recipe for any serious cook.  This dessert is best made during the apple season, which in the UK begins in August and end in February.

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Vegetarian Mushroom Pie

A warming garlic mushroom and spinach filling coated in a classically made vegetable veloute sauce, topped with a light and buttery puff pastry topping. Perfectly accompanied by thickly cut crispy chips to mop up all that saucy goodness :). A great introduction into classic French cooking techniques.

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Traditional Apple Crumble

An absolute classic recipe  that has had a place in the British people’s hearts for centuries,  being quite possibly one of the easiest desserts that you could make. Baking the apples slowly gives them a wonderfully rich texture with just enough bite to accompany the crisp crumb topping, perfect with Cornish vanilla ice-cream.

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Mince Pies From Scratch

Luxurious mincemeat held inside a melt in your mouth shortcrust pastry, a much loved Christmas treat that goes perfectly with vanilla ice cream or custard. Making your own mincemeat from scratch really does bring home that Christmas spirit as well as allowing you to create a filling that I promise is 10 times better than any store bought version.

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Baby Sweetcorn & Mushroom in a Garlic and Pepper Oyster Sauce.

A super simple and quick vegetable stir fry recipe that will make re think why you ever ordered a chinese takeaway. Flash frying the sweetcorn and the mushroom to give you the much loved  “wok hay” flavour that is in all good stir frys to be  finished with an enveloping pepper and garlic oyster sauce that is just to die for.

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Honey Pine Nut Cookies

A great winter recipe, luxurious pine nuts held together by sticky floral honey syrup, creating a delightful winter snack to go along with your favourite warm beverage or as a boost of energy before a hard days work. Great for those interested in the health benefits and flavours of the Asian diet.

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Ancient Style Jungle Curry

A vegan Thai curry recipe made using the methods and techniques from the origin of this dish, the jungle. Using no oil in this recipe and only basic tools really takes you back to how food was prepared all those years ago, giving you a solid foundation of skills to allow you to create some of the best Thai curries out there. For those unfamiliar with the Jungle curry what makes it special is that it doesn’t use coconut milk in the gravy, as they only had access to fresh water they used that instead, making a firey clean dish that not only stands as a great meal but an amazing health tonic too.

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Vegetarian Gimbap

Koreas answer to sushi. Crystal clear short grain rice  encasing a myriad of seasoned vegetables and Soya mince, all wrapped up in toasted laver. I promise this will be the finest vegetarian sushi that you have ever tasted, taking you on a journey of flavours  from the initial bite to the last. Giving full credit to institute of traditional Korean food as this recipe is an adaptation from the recipe book ” The Beauty of Korean Food”, a real great buy and a MUST for anyone interested in Asian cuisine.

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