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Kale and Potato Curry

A remarkably satisfying vegetarian curry that possess curried savoury flavours through the potato, sweet fresh tones  from the kale flesh and an enveloping spicy base from the mild gravy. Using ingredients that are at their prime during the colder months pairs perfectly with the warming quality that this curry has. As well as being jam packed full of fresh nutrients.

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Puffed Raspberry Turnovers

These light and Moorish puff pastry raspberry filled treats are the essence of less being more, both in ingredients and in flavour. Pairing perfectly with a dollop of Crème Fraiche or a touch of custard gives the pastry a comforting touch. A real great one to do with kids!

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Viennese Goulash

A superb  delight of Austrian cuisine to warm you on the coldest of nights, and bring sunshine to the rainiest of days. A true labour of love that produces melt in your mouth tender meat stewed in a deep complex array of Viennese flavours. A great introduction into central European food

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Caesar Salad

A French twist on a traditional salad recipe that I promise will make you re think how a salad should taste. Being jammed packed with  contrasting textures, flavours and temperatures makes this one of my all time favourites, while still being super easy to put together. A clear-cut recipe that really highlights quality ingredients, let’s see how far you can push the flavour of this dish :).

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Rainbow Cauliflower Pasta With a Dill Ricotta Sauce

Beautifully tender seasonal rainbow cauliflower accompanied by a delightful ricotta dill sauce with a dash of Lemon. All incorporated within Al dented shell pasta. A definite seasonal treat that brings the sun back into the autumn months and a new appreciation for the freshest of ingredients.

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Salmon St.Andre

A divine French culinary creation that will expand your pallet and cooking skills. This recipe being passed down to me from a previous owner of a 5 star restaurant has opened my eyes to the reason French cookery is considered some of the best in the world. The ingredients used are rather simple broken down but when combined together create a fish course that could be up their with the best.

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Cheese Quesadillas With Dips

Discovering these after taking a visit to a Cuban restaurant I instantly fell in love. They remind me of small Calzone pizzas, differing by offering a variety of dips that are to die for, with the added bonus of having the freedom to combine them how you please. I really love this type of food, it is truly comforting.

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Walnut Fudge Cake

Yet another classic cake recipe that  finds the perfect balance between sweet  fudge, and a fresh nut tone.  The  super light moist sponge binds these flavors together perfectly, making a cake that  just sits perfectly with a cup of tea. Incorporating the walnuts within the sponge gives it a delightful texture and flavour, along with a comforting uniqueness that is incomparable .  All the ingredients used are super simple and pretty cheap too :), a definite treat to knock up after a hard days work

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Courgette Curry

This is my take on a summer curry [If there is such a thing :)], inspired after recent friends visit to India . A  healthy and homely curry dish that sums up what I love about authentic Indian food, with the added bonus of using readily available cheap ingredients makes it accessible to anyone wherever you are in the world.

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5 Star Tiramisu

This recipe has been brought to me from an amazing 5 star Executive chef who worked on the Pioneering Sun Princess cruise ship, taking no credit for the recipe just wishing to share to as many people as possible, hoping they enjoy it as much as I did. Being a no cook recipe it is unbelievably easy recipe to do, a great booster for anyone who wants to start making restaurant quality puddings.

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