The website name

If you’re on this page one of your first questions might be why the name Planet Cookery? Well you’re in the right place. The word planet came from my love of the external and  internal “worlds” that we live in , as well as my passion to explore the world to fuel my curiosity. As you’ve probably guessed by now I also adore cooking, more specifically the distinct types of food that crop up from different cultures. Put the two passions together. And hey presto! the name Planet Cookery arises 🙂

The food

Moving on to the heart of the matter, the food. As is expected there is a little back story behind my passion, all starting with my dear Grandad. Every year he used to put together an almost “famous” Christmas meal, being an excellent traditional British chef, producing it was almost second nature to him. Upon turning 14, I got the opportunity to help. Learning the ropes, from how to fillet my first fish, to how to achieve “perfect” roast potatoes. This gave me an appreciation for the love and effort that goes into creating a delicious meal, along with the drive to improve people’s well-being by the food on their plate.

Following through with the skills that I learnt from helping, year after year, I gradually began cooking using ideas of my own (majority of this being pasta). As with most things this was fraught with failures which, on reflection, probably taught me more than success ever could have done. Doing this for three years until my next big leap in my cooking arose, meeting my beautiful girlfriend (who just happened to be Chinese).

Now I don’t know if it was just by chance or it was meant to be, but her dad is an award winning Chinese chef that has just recently moved over to England from China. Opening my eyes to a whole new world of ingredients, food aesthetics and the mind set in creating it. Watching in awe, at the food being produced, has inspired me immensely in all areas of catering. In a way, kick starting my curiosity for different food cultures.

The last and true message from the world to direct my thoughts towards cooking culture was discovering that my best friend’s mother was a previous owner and chef of a restaurant in Sri Lanka. Being blown away by the depth in flavour of the spices used, as well as being fortunate enough to get handed down some of her best recipes. All of which I will share with you and hopefully love them as much as I do.

My spirituality

If you’ve managed to read this far thank-you , I am grateful for your time. I would consider myself a believer in the ideology that traditional Buddhists follow, covering areas such as the Chakras, Kundalini and Hypnagogia. Arriving into my  life upon discovering Alan Watts, in my opinion an absolute genius of the mind who introduced clarity into my life as well as self-awareness.  Now you may be wondering at this point what in the world does any of this have to do with food.  Well after a couple of years of meditation (which was on and off to be honest) I decided to give veganism a try to see what affects this had on my mentality.

I have put together the advantages and disadvantages that I personally discovered being vegan for you , maybe helping you decide if you would want to try this out for yourself.


  Your mind feels unbelievably clear

 You almost always feel in the right mental place

         There feels to be more energy mentally


               It is stressful worrying about what you can/ cannot eat

                You go to the toilet ALOT

                You have less energy to do physical activities

I am almost ashamed to say, but this was short lived giving up after two months. Having the up most respect for those who choose to make this a life decision, I could not do this myself. Saying that though it still did have huge repercussions on my life, choosing to eat meat free food at all opportunities (I try not to limit myself to much) plus improving my imagination when creating dishes. I feel that I came out of this experience rather positively. Encouraging anyone who wishes to give it a go.

Whatever decision you make in life, it is the right one.